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Experience brings with it expertise, knowledge and understanding. Pramod Associates have a rich experience of twenty five years to offer, covering the fields of Construction, Interiors, Property Collaborations and Real Estate Consultancy. Twenty five years of unflinching commitment, visionary planning, unsurpassable standards of quality, stringent safety measures, innovative execution and ever-evolving, state-of-the-art technology. An experience you can trust.

Trust through Expertise

For Pramod Associates, construction is a matter of in-depth understanding, futuristic and scientific planning, state-of-the-art technology, high standards of quality, exhaustive detailing and commitment.

At the core of all our efforts, lies a studiously garnered understanding of your needs. Be it understanding the kind of home that you seek, the quality that you desire or your financial dictates, at Pramod Associates we do not begin a task unless it is understood to its fullest. Whether it is the need for puja rooms or storage areas, adherence to quality which will also save money in the longer run, sense of aesthetics or the vital need of security measures, we understand and build upon it.

Expertise, to us is an ever growing array of technologies and the strictest attention to detail. Be it the expert use of natural light or ventilation, aesthetic and advantageous area utilization, incorporation of enhanced safety features while maintaining aesthetical values, landscaping, including terrace gardens, water harvesting or any other aspect of construction, we believe in delivering only the very best.

At Pramod Associates, all designing and construction is conducted taking into consideration the fine principles of Vastu. These principles guide us in building homes that are scientifically planned and a pleasure to live in.

Our obsession with quality is followed passionately by our well qualified professional teams of planners, structural engineers, supervisors and interior designers. So that the quality of our construction leads to the strengthening of trust.

Trust through Design

To us Interior Designing is an art and a passion. We believe that the interiors of a home must reflect the personality of the people who live in it. Expert designers first understand the nature of the home and the taste of its owners before giving shape to concepts and designs which truly stand out for their beauty and aesthetic appeal. Finishing is done with an eye for detail and no stone is left unturned to create beauty which is a joy to behold.

Whether it is the glorious living room, the sublime bedroom, the serene puja room, the breathtaking spiral staircase, modular kitchen, luxurious bathroom or any other aspect of interior design, we make sure it turns out to be the dream you desired.

Trust through Commitment

We undertake projects of collaboration with an emphasis on delivering true value. The deal is struck on the basis of mutual benefit. Every aspect of the undertaking clearly spelt out and agreed upon.
Besides adding functional value to the projects, artistic sensibilities are also catered to. The design and construction attended to by experts of the field. Timelines are strictly adhered to and projects completed with quality as the guiding principle.

Trust through Understanding
(Real Estate Consultancy)

What you desire must be valued, understood and acted upon to turn it into reality. This belief is what lies at the core of our efforts in property consultancy. We go the extra mile to understand your interests and then add value to it. These are then looked after at every stage. Every effort is made to ensure smooth progress of the deal. Property paperwork and associated work is undertaken with meticulousness and a sense of urgency. Perhaps, some of the reasons why in a short span of time Pramod Associates has emerged as a name to trust.